Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Calling it what it is...

I am a parent that gives everything the proper name. I am not about cutesy names. I tell it like it is. This includes private parts.

Yes, this post is about that! If you are offended about the discussion of private parts, please stop reading now.

I never really understood why people starting naming things other than what they are called. It is what it is, people. Call it what it is! It's a penis. It's a vagina. They are breasts (or boobs, I'll let that one slip in).

As I am giving my son a bath. I went to stand in the hallway to watch the tv while he played. I was keeping a watchful eye on both. I started limping and cringing because my sciatic was acting up. My son asked, "Mommy, what's wrong?" Knowing he wouldn't understand what a sciatic is, I went with a more simple term, muscle. I told him, "My muscle in my rear end hurts." "What's a muscle?" I proceeded to tell him it is what makes our bones move. It makes our arms and legs move.

He said, "Or a penis?"

I just about died. I started laughing so hard. So did he but he has no idea. No idea.

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