Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let's Move On

This past week has been a tense one, needless to say, for our nation. We have been under attack, again, and a tragic accident occurred.

Friday night we caught one of the individuals associated with the Boston Marathon bombing. Unfortunately, the other individual was killed. I say 'unfortunate' because we cannot question him as to why he did this to us. I hoping the individual who was caught will confess the reasoning behind this gruesome attack.

Then there was the fertilizer plant explosion. As of this posted blog, there is still no explanation of the explosion. I am certain they will come to a conclusion soon. In just three days, they have investigated enough and stopped the fires so people can start returning to their homes that live in the area. Three days!! I think that is impressive.

We are the United States of America. We will persevere. We have in the past. We will now. We already have.

There is not much more I can say about the tragedies. Most of us have been glued to the tv or internet to see these tragedies played out. There is not much more to be said about all this. Yes, I'm saddened by them. Yes, they have left their mark on our nation. Yes, the families these tragedies have touched are forever changed. Yes, we all will move on. Let's move on, America. Go strong!

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