Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mommy, are you exercising?

I just started a walking/running routine yesterday. Why? I signed up for a 5K. Everyone is doing it!! Right?! Yeah, well, I signed up for a fun 5K!! A zombie mud run 5k. Am I running in this 5k? Nope. I'm just going to be a zombie. *Looks at self* A fat zombie amongst all those skinny runners? *laughter* No. At least not this fat. Yes, I am overweight-ish. Maybe not as healthy as I would like to be. Am I happy with me? Yes and no. Who am I doing this for? My child (and myself).

I don't want to be that mom that is too big that can't do anything with their child. He is constantly asking me to play with him outside. I've been feeling really fatigued lately. I don't feel like playing with him. But I want to play with him. My body just won't let me. So, I'm doing something about it. :)

So, yesterday was my first day walking/running. (*For Boston!)

OMG! I'm not taking my kid with me next time. The extra weight to push was a little overwhelming. Maybe when I get a little bit more in shape, I'll push him in the stroller so I can tone but as of right now, no more.

He also needs to talk to me while I'm walking/running. I know you are suppose to be able to hold little conversations when doing this type of workout. You don't know my child. He talks about EVERYTHING! He's three years old. He's discovering his world around him. He's asking questions. He's stating facts. He's making observations. He's doing all this while I'm walking/running and out of breath. I try to respond to most things but I just want to concentrate on getting my first workout done!

So, we start out. He is in his stroller, a regular stroller. I'm not going out buying a jogging stroller when in a few months/years he'll be outgrown it. He is a big three year old. I'm also one who quits things. I'm hoping not to do that this time but I don't want a jogging stroller collecting dust in the garage because I quit. Here is the following conversation as I'm walking/running (my workout has me alternate).

My son: Mommy, where are we going?
Me: For a jog.
Son: Why?
Me: For exercise.

(silence for a while)

Son: I see trees.
Me: Uh, huh.
Son: Mommy, I see water.
Me: (puzzled, looks in the ditch, there it is) Uh, huh.

(silence for a little while)

My phone: Run. (I have one of those apps that tells you what to do.)
Son: Wheeeeeeee! (Stands up in the stroller)
Me: Sit down!
(He sits down. We continue down the road as my phone tells me what to do.)

Son: Mommy, are you exercising?
Me: Yes.
(I'm surprised there is no comment or "why?" after that. We continue on for a while longer.)

Son: I see the road going by.
Me: Uh, huh.
Son: I see stones.
Me: Yes.
Son: Mommy, watch out for that car.
Me: Uh, huh.
Son: Mommy, that car is coming.
Me: Uh, huh.
Son: Watch out!
(Car passes us without any incident.)
Son: Whoa, that was a close one!
My phone: Run.
(Some more walk, run, walk, run.)

Son: (As I'm turning around to head back home) Mommy, where are we going?
Me: Home.
Son: Why?
Me: Because.....I'm....almost....finished.
Son: You're almost finished?
Me: Yes.
Son: You're almost finished running?
Me: Yes.
My phone: Walk. (Thank, God!)
Son: Mommy, where are we going?
Me: Home.
Son: I don't want to go home.
(If I could I would have slapped my forehead with my palm.)
Me: Too...bad.

We continue down the road. My phone tells me a few more times to walk, run and a final cool down walk. Then I see the virtual light up ahead. Woohoo! By this time, I'm feeling good but tired. I just want my legs to stop. I know I'm not finished yet. I still have to do my cool down stretches. I finally get home. I start my cool down stretches using YouTube on my phone. I see my son grab the stroller. He wants to go again. This time, I do slap my palm to my forehead.

*I signed up for the 5k before the Boston Marathon incident. I had already decided to start my workout the following day. But I did dedicate my first workout to those involved in Boston.

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