Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Start Up

*Deep breath*

Okay. Here it goes. My first blog. Let's start with what this blog is going to be about. Kids. Kids and what comes out of their mouths. Okay, maybe I didn't say that right. I meant words, people. Yes, there is the vomit, the yucky food they don't want to eat so they spit it out, teeth when they fall out, etc. I'll be concentrating on the words they spew.

Funny. The funny side of children's words. Those phrases they say out of the blue that have us chuckling or reposting on facebook that just don't have the same impact as when it came out of your child's mouth. Yeah, I'll try to relay the exact phrase, the tone in which is was spoken, and the moment when it made me laugh.

Cute. Those cute phrases that kids say that make us go, "awww." For instance, the other day I said, "I am exhausted. Whew!" My three year old (which is the most hilarious age, I think) comes over to me, lays a hand on my knee, and says, "That's okay," in the sweetest, kindest voice. I understood it as he was trying to console me in my time of fatigue. It was so precious.

What? He just said what? Those words or sentences that we hope we never hear again. You know, those words you say, that you really shouldn't have said around your kids and then they repeat it, and repeat it, and repeat it. OR those amazing, out-of-this-world insights they verbalize to us that completely knock us off our feet. For example, my son, when he was two telling me that the train over there is a diesel, not a steam engine. When did he learn that?! (I know where he learned it just didn't realize he was paying attention, but that's another story.)

For the most part those are the categories I file my son's interesting talk into. So, I hope you get some chuckles out of this blog and don't forget to look up my Facebook page under the same title. And please, let me know how I'm doing.


  1. Woohoo! I'll be your first comment :-) Followed you on fb and left you a comment there (well two actually but lets forget about that hehe). Looking forward to reading your posts.